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    Cable Girl: How It's Made

    It is both profoundly exciting and deeply soothing. My sister once rang me in a state exactly halfway between ecstasy and sleep after the one about pencils: “They were so many and so … pencilly!” It was so true.

    Lucy Mangan raptures about How It’s Made, one of my favourite programmes in the world.


Space monkey from the wilds of the Angeleno aerospace suburbs rocketed to the damp hideout of medieval hoodlums.

My cities have been a collection of Ns. North Long Beach, New Orleans, Nottingham.

Discovered my future when a friend sat me down at a VAX terminal and telnetted into a MUD. Now spend my days building and breaking websites for fun and profit. Not to mention co-opting intellectual property as my dollhouse.

Owns a goldfish named after a TV host and a growing collection of yarn. Build shrines and tableaux wherever I go, because they can’t stay in their original packaging.


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