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Disneyland 1970s- Buy your own personal tombstone!


    Disneyland 1970s- Buy your own personal tombstone!

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    Honeycomb House in New Zealand

    Popular Science, 1955

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    Take some Avatar: The Last Airbender iconography.
Take some fluorescent perspex.
Take a laser cutter.
Create your own phone charms to show your Air Nomad or Water Tribe affiliations.

    Take some Avatar: The Last Airbender iconography.

    Take some fluorescent perspex.

    Take a laser cutter.

    Create your own phone charms to show your Air Nomad or Water Tribe affiliations.

  4. This is an utterly ridiculous knitting project.

    I bought an LED plant pot from Lidl. And I knew I wouldn’t put an actual plant in it, because that just seemed pointless - I’m rarely outside at night, it would never be on.

    So I knew I was going to EMF Camp this year, and I knew that having little random lights is always a lot of fun, and I had a small collection of fibre optic hair clips from The Glow Company because of my Teddy Lupin doll project, so I started goofing around and here you go, a cactus with fibre optics in the flowers.

    I did think about putting the fibre optics throughout the cactus so that it would have “spines”, but I knitted them in the round, and it would’ve been impossible to properly get it all sorted.

    I think that I might do it again, with one knitted flat, so that I can fit the fibre optics into the spines.

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Don’t take our word for it…


    Don’t take our word for it…

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    Give me my dome house.

    Give me my dome house.

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    Let’s take a moment to appreciate some awesome new lifelike painted resin depictions of aquatic animals by Singapore-based artist Keng Lye (previously featured here). The longer we look at them, the harder it is to believe that these aren’t simply photos of live fish swimming in water. In reality they’re the result of the gradual layering of painstakingly applied acrylic paint on clear resin, part painting and part sculpture. The only things here that aren’t rendered in paint are the repurposed containers.

    Head over to Keng Lye’s Facebook page to check out even more of his recent creations.

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    Announcing the shiny things!


    Every year people build amazing things and install them all over the site. Here’s a rundown of some of the projects coming to EMF this year.

    Bar Arm

    Behind the bar you’ll find a robotic barman in the form of an ex-laboratory robot arm mounted on a mobility scooter. It’ll try and serve you drinks, but we can’t promise it won’t throw them at you instead.

    A Tune On A Stick

    Somewhere on-site you’ll find a lighthouse-like structure making strange noises. It plays a tune while spinning around - what it plays depends on who is nearby. Find some friends and try standing around it in a circle.

    Giant Pixel Sign

    A giant interactive sign made up of 900 RGB LEDS controllable from your web browser, lurking somewhere in the dark. Upload your own artwork, or your favourite gif!


    Desperate for some Club Mate but don’t want to move? Call the Robobutler! He’ll trundle across the site and deliver you a tasty beverage, hopefully without destroying tents in his rush to do your bidding.


    A large forest of radiant “trees”. As you move through the·grid it senses your presence and initiates a ripple of light & clicks, however it will be used in several ways - expect a multiplayer maze amongst other things!

    Giant Ride-on Duck

    The folks from Tog in Dublin have built a giant duck you can drive around. We don’t know why, but we want a go anyway. https://vine.co/v/M0rAKu2TllX

    ISS Tracker

    This giant arrow will spend all weekend tirelessly pointing at the current location of the International Space Station. Unfortunately there will be no visible ISS passes during EMF, so (time permitting) an interface is planned to allow pointing at other astronomical points of interest.


    The buggy that almost self-destructed hauling things around EMF in 2012 has been repaired and is better than ever, with a new trailer for hauling your equipment around and a smattering of ridiculous addons. Internet-connected golf cart anyone?

    Retro Gaming

    Back by popular demand the retro gaming tent has ballooned in size! Expect to find full-size arcade cabinets, pinball, and every retro console you can think of.


    Adding to our list of autonomous vehicles is BigHak, a giant ridable version of the Big Trak toy you may have had as a child. Either drive it manually, or program it Big Trak-style with the accompanying phone app - we have a prize for the first person to successfully program it to navigate to the bar from their tent!

    Cocktail Barbot

    Somewhere in the Nottinghack village you’ll find a two meter long automatic bar. Choose a drink from the menu, insert a glass at one end and get a cocktail down the other - even down to the tiny umbrella and slice of lemon. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5t8FkHKf_Bs


    Balloons floating high above the site listen for noise and tell one another how loud it is. As the pings move between them they pulse with colour, lighting up colourfully in waves across the site.

    Giant Hammock

    In 2012 we had a giant hammock made from fishing nets - in 2014 we’ll have an even bigger one!

    Kite Arch

    24 kites mounted on a long cable - once the wind gets up the arch takes off! As the weekend progresses they’ll be being decorated as an ongoing workshop.

    The LHS Bikeshed

    The LHS Bikeshed is a 3 player starship disaster simulator in a caravan. Players are trained to fly the ship and then given a short scenario that inevitably ends up with them being exploded, burned, suffocated or smeared across the surface of a planet. Find three friends and set off into the galaxy!


    An amazing sea of fish that respond to touch. Individual fish light up and move, before spreading colour, light and motion through the entire SHOAL. The fish tell their friends what’s happening and a motor means all the fish can swim in the same direction, or turn to face someone who has come to play!

    Pacman! On a Sphere!

    A version of Pacman that is played on an actual real-world sphere. The pac-man player must run around the projected sphere trying to find all the pills, whilst up to another four players play the ghosts trying to hunt him down!

    The Nuclear Poker Bunker

    A half-size Hexayurt Quad Dome, within which people play Nuclear Poker, a card game designed to teach Generals too young to remember the Cold War about Mutually Assured Destruction.

    The Kinematocinegraph

    A chance to sit out in the night air and quietly enjoy flickering images from the past. A small antique box contains a projector filled with silent films from Archive.org - sit, be calm, and watch films for as long as you like.

    Pedal Power

    Two pedal power generators powering a small sound system, a bubble machine and LED lights in the evening. Get some exercise!


    Hidden in the villages is a large umbrella adorned with meteorological equipment, generating a weather-related soundscape and light show for those standing underneath.

    The Marvellous Booze Fogger

    A device for the turning of alcoholic spirits into the most inhalable of mists, pleasing to the tongue and satisfying to the mind. A very certain panacea for the ills of the soul and a solution for those tired of the sorrows and trials of day to day living. It is most shiny: http://imgur.com/a/kWPU4

    Are you bringing an amazing project to EMF this year? Let us know! shiny@emfcamp.org

    So, um, I’m doing the Kinematocinegraph.  I’ve done a lot of work on the recipes for Cocktail Barbot.  And I’ve been there for the Marvellous Booze Fogger.

    I’m not saying that EMF Camp is going to be awesome, but it is TOTALLY GOING TO BE AWESOME.

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Traditional Japanese Kutani Pottery That Features Whimsical Contemporary Images
  10. This is Levante, my latest finished shawl. The pattern was written by Ruth Garcia-Alcantud of Rock and Purl, and it’s done in a merino/tencel blend that is super soft and comfy.

    While the main body is a breeze to work out, the border has some slight editing problems, because the written instructions don’t match up with the charted instructions which don’t match up with the chart key. But once you figure it all out, it is awfully lovely.

    I’m delighted with it, but I have some weird issues with giant loops appearing on the wrong side on occasion - I can only think that I need to sort out my tension something fierce.



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